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Recently burned my infrastructure to the rivets in order to rebuild properly.

Most of the people who buy things like e-books are not in the habit of doing the work that a fantastic level of success requires. Because life at higher levels is hard.

For better or worse, I’ve put in the work and now… I get to enjoy the benefits.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Some of my most memorable experiences as a kid involve the fantasy universes of pen & paper role playing games. I especially enjoyed the role of Game Master, whereby I could envision the multitude of scenarios the player characters might manifest on the path to my games conclusion.

There was however, an occasion where I played as a character myself.

The theme was traditional medieval dragon fantasy and I recall we found ourselves at an early end to our intended quest when the question was asked; what next?

All I wanted to do was go to the Kingdom of Midkemia and somehow djinni up a corner on the wheat market like I’d read about one Rupert Avery having done in Raymond E Feist’s classic tale of medieval market shenanigans: “Rise of a Merchant Prince.”

I wanna say I was 13.



Now here I am. A digital warlord with the power to influence global markets.



And it’s awesome. :D

But a heavy price has been paid for the privileged.


I mention this because you are not me.

If you would like to pay the kind of price it requires to do what I do, by all means.

Just be careful what you wish for. Because you will get it…

and all that it comes with.

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