Morning Update

Posted: 2017-01-30 07:43:25 | Author: Predator Research Predator Research

U.S. index futures lower after Donald Trump immigration ban and associated aftermath introduce uncertainty. Personal consumption, personal income, Core PCE price index and pending home sales data are on the economic calendar. European shares follow Asian shares lower. Oil prices fell on report of another increase in drilling activity leading concerns over rising output. In the currency markets, investors sought the traditional security of the yen and the greenback was little changed against the sterling and the euro. Gold slightly positive.

0830 Personal consumption real mm for Dec: Prior 0.1
0830 Personal income mm for Dec: Expected 0.4 pct; Prior 0.0
0830 Consumption, adjusted mm for Dec: Expected 0.5 pct; Prior 0.2
0830 Core PCE price index mm for Dec: Expected 0.1 pct; Prior 0.0
0830 Core PCE price index yy for Dec: Prior 1.6
0830 PCE price index mm for Dec: Prior 0.0
0830 PCE price index yy for Dec: Prior 1.4
0900 Dallas fed PCE for Dec: Prior 1.1
1000 Pending Homes Index for Dec: Prior 107.3
1000 Pending sales change mm for Dec: Expected 1.1 pct; Prior -2.5
1030 Dallas Fed Manufacturing Business index for Jan: Prior 15.50

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