US Open Report

Posted: 2017-02-15 13:22:27 | Author: Predator Research Predator Research

US Consumer Price Inflation due at 8:30EST will be closely examined by market participants after a hawkish tone in yesterdays Fed Chair Janet Yellen testimony signaled 3 rate hikes in 2017.

Data Releases:

United States-CPI - CPI MM,  exp 0.30

United States-CPI - CPI YY, exp 2.40

United States-CPI - Core CPI MM, exp 0.20

United States-CPI - Core CPI YY, exp 2.10

Retail sales due 0.1% MM and ex auto's 0.4% MM


The prospect of 3 rate hikes in 2017 has helped maintain a bid under USD, however with important data due at the bottom of the hour, many participants are in wait and see mode until after the print.

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